Fertiliser Mixer

Fertiliser Mixer and Crushing system for fine particle application by helicopter. Hydraulic system designed and installed by G.H.S. Ltd. 

Goliath Gantry Crane

Goliath Gantry Crane built for JNL Gisborne. Hydraulic system designed and installed by G.H.S. Ltd.

Grape Trimmers

John Deere 755 & 955 tractors raised and fitted with extra hydraulic capacity for trimming 2 rows of grape root stock cuttings.

Also towed, over row Grape Trimmer, Leaf Plucker and Bud Wiper. Hydraulic systems designed and installed by G.H.S. Ltd.

Logging Equipment

Log handling grapple crane refurbished with new proportional hydraulic system and Power Pack. Specialised Log Boom.

Extra functions supplied and installed by G.H.S. Ltd.

Pea Harvester

FMC Pea Harvesters leaving G.H.S. work shop after winter overhauls of hydraulic and engineering systems, prior to harvesting.

Squash Harvester

Squash Harvester, Design and Builds by G.H.S. Ltd.

1st conversion done 1998 from a Blackwelder tomato harvester to squash harvester.

Next was a Hammercheck pea harvester conversion with defoliator head 14m wide.

Also conversions for 4 more Hammercheck pea harvesters, a Johnson tomato harvester, 2 John Deere combine harvesters and 1 small Squash Harvester built in modules to fit into a container for export to Holland.

Tomato Harvester

Johnson Tomato Harvester built under licence by G.H.S. Ltd for Cedenco Foods with special modifications to suit Gisborne harvesting conditions.